Behind the design

The Making Of: Diva earrings

A journey through inspiration, design, and the dazzling streets of Paris.

Diva Earrings Paris

by Sasha V.,

November 23, 2023

As I reflect on the creation of the Diva earrings, I find myself transported back to my high school days when the song "Diva" first emerged, becoming a symbol of my identity.


The evolution of my creativity since then, coupled with the profound connection I feel to the art and spirit of Beyoncé's music, inspired me to encapsulate these sentiments in a unique piece, especially for the Renaissance tour.

I wanted to share the inspiration behind these Diva earrings, mirroring Beyoncé's iconic chandelier earring style with opulent white Rhodium and a dazzling array of stones. The goal was to radiate maximum shine and infuse the earrings with the unmistakable vibes of the Renaissance era.

Diva Earrings 3D Model


Unlike my previous designs, which leaned towards seriousness and elegance, the Diva earrings mark a departure, embracing the sheer joy of creativity. I aimed to encapsulate Beyoncé's stage presence—her elegance, energy, and power—in a way only a doer-doer could. Incorporating the crown from our "King of Kings" necklace, I sought to symbolize the renaissance of women, capturing the essence of this extraordinary moment in time.

Collaborating with my casting team, we brought the sketch to life, ensuring the earrings were not only visually striking but also practical for an extensive tour. Their size exceeds my usual creations, a deliberate choice to ensure they couldn't be overlooked, yet remarkably lightweight, allowing me to dance and sing through the entire three-hour Renaissance tour without a hitch.

Dive Earrings Process
King of Kings Necklace
Diva Earrings

In Paris

The journey continued as my setters in L.A. worked tirelessly over a weekend to meticulously set each stone in the earrings. With only two days to complete the task, their dedication was crucial in making this vision a reality. Boarding a flight to Paris with the Diva earrings in tow, I eagerly anticipated Beyoncé's Paris Renaissance tour, and it exceeded all expectations. The experience was elevated as I embarked on a photo shoot in the streets of Paris, capturing the earrings in a full-circle moment of joy and creativity.

Diva Earrings Paris
Diva Earrings Paris

Sasha Wearing DivA Earrings

The Diva earrings embody not only the spirit of Beyoncé's music but also the renaissance of women, creating a harmonious blend of art, creativity, and pure joy.

This journey from inspiration to creation to the streets of Paris was nothing short of magical.  Every moment, from the design process to the Parisian photoshoot, has been a testament to the power of expression and the celebration of life's extraordinary moments.

– XOXO, Sasha V

Sasha V Diva Earrings Paris