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Don't be limited by what you see online or what others are doing. Custom jewelry offers a wonderful opportunity to create something very specific to what you love and will cherish for a long time. Custom designs allow us to use our imagination and craft stories that last a lifetime. Don’t be swayed by tradition; we have the freedom to innovate beyond just diamonds and gold. So, go out and be creative today.

Whether big or small, even if you're not getting married, accessorize your everyday look with color and gemstones. Have fun with it—wear some color, wear some gemstones, they love you.

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Sasha V wearing custom diva earrings

How It Works

•    12-14 week process

•    You work directly with our design team, Sasha + Jewels

•    We turn your bright idea into a sketch to final design

•    We offer special gemstone shopping to get you your dream design

•    Please check out our made-to-order wedding bands if you are looking for one of our existing designs to customize: Gemstones, Metal Type (Silver, 14K gold, 18K Gold, Platinum), Metal Color (Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold)

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bespoke story

Custom Engagement Ring

I recently finished a custom 14K White Gold engagement ring that features a stunning combination of rubies, white and blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. The client wanted something unique and meaningful, inspired by a story from their native culture, Eritrea.

The design beautifully incorporates the colors of the Eritrean flag—red, green, and blue—creating a vibrant and personal piece. The future husband and I collaborated closely to craft a ring that is rooted in love and admiration for his soon-to-be wife. This project was a joy to work on, allowing me to step beyond traditional palettes and create something truly special.

Sasha V.,

Founder & Designer