KOKIYAJ: A journey to the Motherland

An exciting collaboration between Adore Adorn and fashion stylist, designer, and influencer, Amiraa Vee.



An exciting collaboration between Adore Adorn and fashion stylist, designer, and influencer, Amiraa Vee.

Lilly Rings

by Sasha V & Amiraa Vee.,

March 13, 2024

"KOKIYAJ is not just jewelry; it's a heartfelt narrative, a tribute to my profound journey to the Motherland, Ghana." — Amiraa Vee


Adore Adorn pays homage to roots, ancestry, and the language of the heritage. This, like every other Adore Adorn collection, is not just about jewelry; it's a profound presence— a testament to a celebration of our shared human history.

The name Amiraa came up with for this capsule is “Kokiyaj” (creole meaning for seashell). Paying homage using the language of where she comes from and her Haitian ancestry to have presence in this collection.


"Partnering with Adore Adorn and just knowing all that they stand for, 'thoughtful, statement jewelry that connects individuals to what they wear' to me is a reminder of leaving your footprint in the sand." — Amiraa Vee

The collaboration

There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with leaving a footprint in the sand knowing that it will be swept away by the ocean’s tide. There’s an opportunity to refine, redefine, move forward, create something new, and own every step of that process. We believe this is why this collaboration is happening at this moment in time.

As two creative forces in the industry, we have joined hands to bring you a collection that embodies our shared vision and passion for fashion. Our collaboration stems from a strong connection and synergy in our styles. Having worked together on numerous photoshoots and client projects, we discovered a seamless blend of aesthetics and a shared commitment to quality and innovation. Amiraa Vee, a hard-working and influential figure in the industry, caught our attention as she fearlessly makes waves, just like we do. The decision to collaborate was a natural one, as we recognized that we are both at similar levels, on a mission to break out and elevate our brands.



Inspiration for this collection struck Amiraa during her recent vacation to Ghana, where the beauty of the sea captivated her. The tranquil waves, seashells, lush foliage, and organic elements influenced the essence of our designs.

We were particularly drawn to bold statement pieces that can be layered and serve as accents to the already exciting clothing choices of our fashion-forward customers.


Our philosophy

For us, fashion is about developing a personal style that goes beyond wearing top fashion labels. As millennials deeply inspired by both the fashion world and the real world, we understand the power of self-expression through what we wear.

As young entrepreneurs, we strive to manifest our dream lives by curating our wardrobes, and we hope to inspire our clients and customers to do the same.

Creative Direction: Amiraa Vainqueur @amiraavainqueur

Art Direction: Sasha V @unpolished⁠Elena Donets⁠

Photographer: Johannes Kwame Buernor @johannesphotography1

Photo Retouching: Sammy Oguejiofor @sammyoguejiofor

Videographer: Johannes Kwame Buernor @johannesphotography1

Stylist: Amiraa Vainqueur @amiraavainqueur

Model: Amiraa Vainqueur @amiraavainqueur

Adore Adorn x Amiraa Vee