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100th Birthday: November 1919

Inspired by: Grandma Lillian

Grandmother Lillian
Born 1919

My grandma Lilly was perfectly imperfect and carried a world of layers and stories, which I never truly had an opportunity to uncover. Through stories, I’ve learned that she was a force— one that loved against all odds. I designed the Lilly ring in her honor, because I remember what she represented, acceptance, deep respect, and fearlessness.

My mom wore a ring everyday that was passed down by her mother, Lilly. I remember always wanting to wear that beautiful gold ring with
a bold red garnet stone.


Birthstone Calendar: Increase Healing Benefits

Manifest with Our Unique Jewelry

In college, I began to seek new ways to relax and find my center. I stumbled upon a Reiki book on Amazon and quite a few outdated articles about healing crystals on Google Search. This was 10+ years ago, before crystal healing became mainstream.

I couldn't imagine then, that all these years later, I would author one of those sites to provide new tools for someone out there searching. Though, it makes sense. I remember exploring my chakras and energy with the simple use of natural crystals. You may believe, maybe you don't. Without forcing my feelings on you, I'd just like you to experience an introduction to Earth's natural healing benefits. Color, material, and intention are all important in how you choose what you'd like to manifest.

My favorite advice, choose what you gravitate to first!

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