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What is it?

Give the gift of love with our self-care heart movement kits that connects what we wear with how we feel

Personalize your own kit to include: a mantra gift box, thoughtfully-designed jewelry, raw crystals, guided mantra cards, and a personal note.

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1. Choose a gift box that connects to you

2. Select jewelry that speaks to you

3. Capture your intention with a written note

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Mantra Kit
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My kit contents:

  • Manifeststion card included
  • Natural Crystals included
  • Postcard with Message included
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
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Make it personal

Write out a message to your future self or the lucky recepient. Handwritten on stationary and placed in an envelope for sake keeping.
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What else comes inside?

Each kit contains motivational mantras, energy crystals, and manifestation rituals written to unlock healing properties for your heart and soul.

Rose Quartz


Handpicked for beauty and appeal

Each kit includes a set of natural crystals that connect to the raw nature of our gemstone jewelry

Lapis Lazuli

shop with intention

We created a set of mantras that intuitively promote intentions
that will keep our spirit creativily in-tune. 

01 Grief — focus on hard truths

Grief, overcoming a loss, or to experience a significant change in life can feel difficult at times. Embrace the wave of life.

Agate Courage + Strength

Malachite Self-Worth + Willpower

Rose Quartz Love + Compassion

Lapis Lazuli Self Awarness + Honesty

02 Creativity — empower our world with creativity

Your very existence is a gift to the world and to those around you. You have the power to be an energy source. Use that light and never let it be dimmed.

Rose QuartzLove + Compassion

MoonstoneInner Work + Patience

GarnetSensuality + Passion

Clear QuartzManifestation + Amplification

03 Inspiration — celebrate adversity whilst exploring excellence

Doors are opening. Enjoy the differences you see in the world. Stand up and stand out as you navigate spaces in your career, life and travels.

CitrineGood Energy + Set Goals

PyriteAbundance + Willpower

Moonstone Inner Work + Patience

Clear Quartz Manifestation + Amplification

04 Protection — be unafraid of your own power

Joy comes in the dark hour. Take the blinders off, because faith and grace will take over whenever you may feel fear. Walk in your power.

Malachite Self-Worth + Willpower

Amethyst Creativity + Protection

Black OnyxPower + Security

Moonstone Inner Work + Patience

05 New Beginnings — know yourself

The beauty is in the process. Journey through life and embrace parts of yourself you didn't know. Uncover hidden destinies and experience life as new and distinctively you.

Smokey QuartzTake Action + Clearing

Moonstone Inner Work + Patience

Amethyst Creativity + Protection

CitrineGood Energy + Set Goals

Malachite Self-Worth + Willpower

06 Good luck — life beautiful & unusual

It's been said that luck is nothing more than when preparation meets timing. Live with childlike joy and grace to manifest what life has in-store.

JadeProsperity + Good Luck

Black TourmalineJoy + Emotional Healing

Amethyst Creativity + Protection

CitrineGood Energy + Set Goals

07 Love — practice self-care and love

The simplest manifestation of love is the art of practicing within oneself. Dedicate specific moments to see this through and it will transform you.

Rose QuartzLove + Compassion

MoonstoneInner Work + Patience

GarnetSensuality + Passion

Clear QuartzManifestation + Amplification

08 Wellness — embrace imperfection

We are all originals. We dictate how we love ourselves, how we value ourselves and how we define ourselves.Be you.

Rose QuartzLove + Compassion

JasperGood Earth Energy + Grounding

BloodstonePurification + Vitality

AmethystCreativity + Protection

09 Good fortune — be unapologetic

We are our best selves when we unapologetically embrace ourselves. Don't deny the world your light. Don't shrink to make others comfortable.

ApatiteClarity + Cleanses

CitrineGood Energy + Set Goals

Tiger's EyeCourage + Protection

JasperGood Earth Energy + Grounding

MoonstoneInner Work + Patience

10 Healing — know your history

There is beauty in healing. There is healing in beauty. We must go back to move forward, and that affects every living cell in our body. Acceptance of your past, galvanized your future.

Agate Courage + Strength

Smokey QuartzTake Action + Clearing

CitrineGood Energy + Set Goals

Clear QuartzManifestation + Amplification

JasperGood Earth Energy + Grounding


It's What's Inside
That Counts

Jewelry + Natural Gemstones
That hold the power to create change from within.

A Personal Touch
Be it for yourself or someone you know that
deserves to be especially cared for.

Affirmation cards
Say it again...

It’s absolutely amazing what 
can happen when you start 
with the heart!

Love it!

I received it as a birthday gift from my husband. The ring came in a lovely package (box) with a handwritten note. Made for a beautiful experience.

— Thasha M. New York, USA


I absolutely adore the Love kit. I bought it to my friend who I didn't see for a long time. She was so happy!

— Amber J. Los Angeles, USA

Whenever possible, we source vintage or other materials otherwise headed for the landfill to enhance the jewelry we design. Our Gemstones are sustainably sourced, lab-grown gemstones.


We work with small teams of manufacturers that we personally know. We always work direct and ensure we work with fair laborers.


We maintain that a large portion of our goods are handmade in the USA through the jewelry casting process.


We guarantee fair pricing. By selling direct, we can offer very high-quality jewelry without excessive prices. We have an affinity to natural materials and aim to design jewelry that will last generations.  


We will donate 15% of our Heart Movement product sales to organizations that directly benefit our disenfranchised communities.