Behind the design

the Heartfelt Elegance of the Lilly Ring

The Lilly ring is not just jewelry; it's a bridge to generations, a tribute to deep family connections.

Lilly Rings

by Sasha V.,

January 4, 2024

Picture this: a thick-banded gold and red garnet ring that my own mother lovingly wore, passed down from my grandmother. I always remembered the classic style that made it into every outfit.


We sometimes pass down and collect items but forget the stories that connect the piece to the specific person, place, and/or time. The exploration of the past has always intrigued me in jewelry design because it can literally last for generations.

Passing it onto me, I decided to bring it back to life by creating a modernization of this sentimental classic. A piece that grants grace, style and comfort to your look due to its delicate yet robust texture, powerful colors and hollow inside. Inspired by this timeless heirloom, the Lilly ring pays homage to family, connection, and those soul-ties that transcend time. It's an emblem of your roots, a link to those who may no longer be with us, a piece that speaks volumes without a single word.

Lilly Rings

My mom, Gigi (Jewels), my grandma, lIlly, and her vintage ring with red garnet

Lilly Ring

My Grandmother, Lilly

Lilly Rings
Lilly Ring


But here's where it gets even more enchanting. When you slip on a Lilly ring, you can honor your birthstone, your mother's birthstone, or simply choose a color that resonates with your soul. It's a personalized touch that adds a layer of significance to an already treasured piece.

The Lilly ring is versatile yet impactful, designed for everyday wear that powerfully stands out without overwhelming. Whether you wear it solo for understated elegance or layer multiple rings to create a dazzling fashion statement, the Lilly collection invites you to embrace the abundance of love surrounding you. Explore the collection and wear a legacy that transcends time.

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