Legacy Collection

The products on this site feature a world of layers and stories from past forces. Each piece embodies a sense of color, structure, tone and originality that is inspired by a dedication to our past. I’ve always believed that a look is created from the story behind the collection of pieces that an individual wears. 

This Legacy collection is powered by the strong women and their bold and unique stories and features. The jewelry makes a statement alone or even more when layered together.

Heart Movement Necklace



Imagine a world that thoughtfully considers the why and the how. The natural gemstones offer healing benefits that leave you spiritually aligned when worked alongside our mantras and affirmations.

Lilly Ring


The Lilly Ring is inspired by my Grandma's ring that my Mom would wear everyday when I was younger. I decided to create a modernization of a classic ring that could be worn everyday. Comfortably.

Missy Ring


She was Wild. Bold. Free.

Be like her.

Designed for my late aunt, Missy. Inspired by the distinct beauty of a woman's natural, multi-ethnic hair and facial features.

Reava Pendant


The dimensions in this pendant make for an interesting conversation piece.We see a power in the representation of a woman’s profile.It begs to make a statement for the power of the multi-ethnic woman.

Shari Hoops


The hoop earring is a staple where I’m from. Named after my sister, who is always on the go and loves a good hoop.This design can take you from work to play — it’s our take on the culture of the "Hoop".

Twins Earrings


In my family, we have 3 sets of twins! I always thought they had a little magic sprinkled on them because everything came in doubles. These earrings are an homage to their uniqueness and sameness.

Faces Earrings


These playful, coin earrings are a classic favorite. You can wear one at a time or both, or you can mix and match the metals. The characteristics of strength and power remains the same.

Maya Ring


Find a way to honor your ancestors, and find your way. I pay homage to Maya Angelou, the woman who helped give me words. This ring isn't her likeness, it is every woman.

In Gold

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/TWIN_STUD_EARRINGS_GOLD_PEARL.mp4?360=trueAdore Adorn Earrings TWINS Earrings - 14K Gold / Fresh Water Pearls

Twins Earrings – 

14K Gold / Pearls

Adore Adorn Ring 6 / Synthetic Emerald Lilly Ring in 14K GoldAdore Adorn Ring Lilly Ring in Gold Vermeil

Lilly Ring –

14K Gold 

Options: Green QuartzOptions: Green Quartz

Shari Hoop Earrings 

– Gold Vermeil

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/REAVA_GOLD.mp4?360=trueAdore Adorn Necklace Gold Reava Coin Necklace in 14K Gold

Reava Coin 

Necklace – Gold


In Silver

Options: AmethystAdore Adorn Necklace Heart Movement Necklace in Silver

Heart Movement 

Necklace – Silver

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/REAVA_COIN_SILVER.mp4?360=trueAdore Adorn Necklace 925 Silver/White Rhodium Reava Coin Necklace - Silver / White Rhodium

Reava Coin 

Necklace – Rhodium

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/LILLY_RHODIUM_AMETHYST.mp4?360=true, Options: AmethystOptions: Amethyst

Lilly Ring – 


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/SHARI_HOOPS_RHODIUM_LONDON_BLUE.mp4?360=true, Options: London Blue TopazOptions: London Blue Topaz

Shari Hoop Earrings – 


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/REAVA_COIN_EARRINGS_RHODIUM_RED_GARNET.mp4?360=trueAdore Adorn Earrings Faces Earrings with Red Garnet in Rhodium

Faces Earrings – 

Rhodium / Red Garnet


In Gold Rose

Adore Adorn Earrings TWINS Earrings - Rose Gold / Fresh Water PearlsAdore Adorn Earrings TWINS Earrings - Rose Gold / Fresh Water Pearls

Twins Earrings – 

Rose Gold / Pearls

Adore Adorn Ring 6 / Clear Quartz Lilly Ring in Rose GoldAdore Adorn Ring Lilly Ring in Rose Gold

Lilly Ring – 

Rose Gold

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/SHARI_HOOPS_ROSE_GOLD_RED_GARNET_75529f8e-e98f-4374-899f-0187dfc74cb4.mp4?360=true, Options: Red Garnethttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/SHARI_HOOPS_ROSE_GOLD_MULTI_CABOCHON.mp4??360=true, Options: Multi-Color Cabochon

Shari Hoop Earrings – 

Rose Gold

Adore Adorn Necklace Rose Gold Reava Coin Necklace in Rose GoldAdore Adorn Necklace Rose Gold Reava Coin Necklace in Rose Gold

Reava Coin Necklace – 

Rose Gold

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2525/7200/files/REAVA_COIN_EARRINGS_ROSE_GOLD.mp4?360=trueAdore Adorn Earrings Faces Earrings with Red Garnet in Rose Gold

Faces Earrings – 

Rose Gold / Red Garnet