The Lilly Ring: Inspired

The Lilly Ring: Inspired


The Lilly ring is inspired by a ring my mother wore every day. I always remembered the classic style that fits every outfit. It wasn't until much later that I discovered the ring was owned by my late grandma. It suddenly made sense why that simple wardrobe addition changed the story completely. 

This year, on Thanksgiving, my Grandma turns 99 and it prompted me to think about what made me create this ring in her honor.

We collect items as a passion and sometimes forget that we are memorializing a specific person, place and/or time. The beautification of exploring a fresh take on the old is inspiring in and of itself.

All items have not succeeded in becoming “timeless” but I’ve always believed that a look is created from the story behind the collection of pieces that an individual wears. We will edify the style until each item feels as beautiful and apropos as ever.

Our present take on the past is a remix of lost tales of endearment for my loved ones and friends. The ephemeral dictation of what one should wear bears no place on this site. We are all about challenging today’s trends with more elusive items. An individual’s style has the opportunity to stimulate feelings in others.

Grandma's Jewelry Box

We want to break down the true desires from our past inspirations that encourage what we wear, identify with, and celebrate today. 

Lilly ring