We had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with MASTERED x Patti Wilson, Vogue Italia's Stylist-at-Large.

The task was to 'Say Something' in the shoot. Well, that's easy-- we do that anyways. Here's the story we came up with:



“Woman of the World”

This concept speaks to the mixing of cultures, to the migrations, refugees, and technology exposing us to more of the world. We begin to see through imagery how fashion influences appear even richer when people and ideas cross borders. Lots of mixing of accessories, layers of patterns and fabrics, and rich color palettes that we normally don’t get to see. A mix of east and west, old and new. The woman speaks of culture, honesty, and tribute without words.

The look would be a nod to Malick Sidibé, Paolo Roversi, Emma Summerton, Glen Luchford, with a strong female gaze inspired by Garry Winogrand’s street photography.




Somalia Knight, Model; Taylor Greely, Stylist; Brooke Coffey, Photography; David Moran, Art Direction; Kat Marcus, Hair; Malisa Khampong, Makeup; Adore Adorn, Accessories


We find ways to foster community in the design world when people are encouraged to be honest and true to their backgrounds. Representation is a natural way to show acceptance of a style.

MasteredxPatti Wilson_Collab

The styling is all about fabrics, textures, patterns, and layers of color. The Adore Adorn accessories complement the fashion perfectly. They have been inspired by creative, ethnic women of all backgrounds, which collide through the use of natural metals, colored gemstones, and textures. Ultimately, the theme provides colors from the world.